Elite Position Player Training

Totally inclusive program to build the ultimate position player!

Advanced Player Development Membership

Presenting cutting edge information taught at the Major League level. Learn the difference between personal style and the absolute fundamentals demonstrated by ALL high level hitters. Understand the importance of these KEY elements in successful hitting:

Dynamic Balance - Athletic Posture - Sequential Rotation - Axis of Rotation - Bat Lag - Timing - Rhythm - Approach and ATTITUDE.

Train to deliver the bat to the ball "On Time" with "Ballistic Force"

You will also learn how to develop a more powerful arm through the use of overload and underload implements as well as a comprehensive core training protocol that was rigorously tested in the Driveline Sports Science Lab.

Comprehensive Training Program

The Advanced Player Development Membership is the best position player training program in the country, period. Don't take our word for it - here's who runs it and what you get out of it.


Mike Brooks will spearhead the hitting instruction. He is the Team Northwest Baseball Director of Player Development and the associate scout for the Arizona Diamondbacks in the Pacific Northwest. He built the NW Timberjacks select program in 2000, which had players like Drew Vettleson (1st round, Rays), Andrew Pullin (5th round, Phillies), Nate Mondou (Wake Forest), Tyler McDowell (Washington State), and many others. He has been coaching Northwest teams at USA Baseball, Perfect Game and Arizona Fall Classic national events since 2000.

Kyle Boddy will be supervising the arm strength and arm care component of the program. He is the founder of Driveline Baseball and pitching consultant to 10+ Division-I schools, trainer to 20+ professional pitchers, and two MLB teams send him players to train at Driveline Baseball in the off-season. Some of his college clients include Oregon State (2014 Pac-12 Champions), Vanderbilt (2014 College World Series champions), LC State, Fordham, UT: Arlington, and Brown. Selected current pro clients include Trevor Bauer (3rd pick overall 2011, Indians MLB pitcher), Casey Weathers (7th overall pick 2007), Mike Minor (1st round, Braves MLB pitcher), Nick Hagadone (1st-supplemental round, Indians MLB pitcher), and Ben Wetzler (10th round 2014, led Division-I in starter ERA with a 0.82 mark in 2014).

Training Program - What You Get

The Advanced Player Development Membership is unlike any other program out there in the world. You get unparalled access to technology and instruction that even most MLB teams do not have available to them! Your training will be circuit-based for maximum effectiveness and will revolve around the following stations:

  • ProBatter + HitTrax + Right View Pro - A video screen of a live pitcher synced up with the ball. Throws between 50-100 MPH to any part of the zone, with any type of pitch. Fastballs, curve balls, sliders, change-ups, you name it. HitTrax measures your batted ball exit velocity, trajectory, and distance so you can see where those "cage bombs" really went - even overlaid on MLB fields to see your results. Right View Pro puts your swing up against the pros to see exactly how you compare - with high-speed video that no other facility in the area offers.
  • High-Tech Vision Training - Used by the pros, like Edgar Martinez, the HTVT is a tennis ball cannon that fires colored and marked balls that you will track and identify, improving your ability to see the ball. This technology is so important that Carlos Beltran had it specifically written in his contract when he was with the Mets that they would provide this service at all times!
  • Swingbuilder + Tee Work + Core Station - Get conventional tee work off premium Springback and Tanner Tees (no crappy all-polymer tees from Wal-Mart here) as well as resistance-based swing training with the Swingbuilder and Swing Chain stations. Medicine ball training is also in this circuit to help develop rotational power and speed-strength.
  • Driveline Velocity Training - Develop an elite throwing arm through the use of weighted baseball training, mechanical instruction through feel-based work, and real-time feedback with an automatic radar gun board. A full resistance band and plyometric ball workout is included to build arm endurance and help keep your shoulders strong. Customized programming is included based on your results - no one-size-fits-all program.

You will also receive a FREE one year membership to the Pro Series "On-Line Classroom" where we will upload your video analysis, Hit Trax reports and Driveline Velocity data. Review your progress any time on your own private page and have access to drill and instructional videos.

Take a look at what Mike and Kyle are up to:

Training Times

Pick one session:

  • Monday + Wednesday - 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Tuesday + Thursday - 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

And pick one additional session:

  • Sunday - 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Sunday - 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

This means you get at LEAST 20 hours per month of training, coming in at around $15/hour. Consider that cage rental costs anywhere from $20-30/hr with NO technology included! BONUS: If there are open spots in the other training times, you can drop in at NO CHARGE for extra work.

Program Costs

We will be accepting 12 slots per group for a total of 24 clients ONLY. This program will run for 3 months from December 1st to February 28th. There will be an opportunity to continue in-season training at a reduced rate after this program hits completion.

Your options are to pay $325/month, with your first month billed today and the next two payments taken out on the first of the month, or pay $900 upfront for the entire three month program, locking your spot and saving you $75.

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