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Driveline's assessment is the foundation of our training protocols. We use motion-capture, barbell speed trackers, high-speed video, ball flight data, and manual tests to produce a comprehensive profile of each athlete.
That profile, along with input from the athlete on their goals and timelines, informs how we train baseball players.


1000s of athletes and coaches use Driveline Baseball's training programs to develop great baseball players. We use a data-driven approach to test and retest our training methods to develop batspeed and barrel awareness in hitters and pitching velocity and command in pitchers.
Those programs can be executed in our Seattle facility or at your school or facility.


Training without a plan is just guessing. We set specific retest periods to ensure our athletes are meeting the goals they set for themselves and our training is effective.

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To put it simply, Kyle Boddy and Driveline Baseball are revolutionizing the way pitchers train by the way of movement patterns - strength and conditioning, arm deceleration, efficiency, etc. They are pushing the pitching ceiling upwards to not only increase velocity, but also health. Driveline Baseball's desire to be the best is why we use their protocols here at Coastal Carolina.

Drew Thomas, Coastal Carolina Pitching Coach, 2016 College World Series Champions

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