Driveline Hitting

Helping Committed Hitters Drive the Ball Consistently

How Driveline Gets Results

Good hitters share similar characteristics.

Swing with intent

Rotational Power

Understand and stick to approach

Adapt to speeds and locations

Driveline Hitting is designed to improve these skills simultaneously in all of our athletes.

We use overload/underload bats, plyocare balls, and specific warm-up and recovery drills to train our hitters. You will not only work on hitting—but also improve as a baseball player, strengthen your throwing arm, body, and increase your power.

A Day In The Life Of A Driveline Hitter

Is Driveline The Right Hitting Program For You?

Let us get to know you to find the programming best suited for you.

What is Driveline Hitting All About?

Our environment is designed for competition and results. Think less and do more damage.

The Driveline Hitting Program is designed to help our hitters hit the ball harder and be more consistent at the plate. In our program, weighted plyo balls are used to teach hitters to be on plane and precise with their swings. Overload training bats help our hitters use the right parts of their bodies in order to swing harder while still being under control. We also use underload training bats to train faster bat speed.

What Are the Facets of the Driveline Hitting Program?

Hitting Training

Driveline Hitting is based on two key training points, learning to hit the ball with the intent to do damage and learning to adjust well to varying pitch types.

  • High Intent

    The goal of these drills are to teach our hitters to swing with an intent to do damage.

    Hitters have an issue with trying to do “too much” in the box.

    If our hitters train with a high level of intent, when it is time to step into the box, they can let their preparation take over. What was formerly “too much” is now normal. Hitting is a violent but controlled movement and it must be trained with this in mind in order to efficiently repeat it when in a game setting.

  • Variability

    Variability drills are designed to teach our hitters how to adjust when their timing is not perfect.

    Even though the goal as a hitter is to be on time, it is also the pitcher’s job to keep that from happening. With that in mind, it is imperative to place our hitters in a controlled but variable environment so that they are prepared to face this in a game. Our overall goal is to allow for our hitters the largest margin for error when in the box and we believe that this variable environment will give them the best chance to succeed.

Strength Training and Analysis

Our strength program focuses on strength, speed and rotational power to help you create the force needed to do damage at the plate.

  • Free-Weight Training

    The foundation of our strength program starts with Free-Weight Training. From conventional strength training to velocity based training, where weights are built into programming by bar velocity, athletes are able to create more force at the plate.

  • Specialized Training
    • Keiser Training: A pneumatic cable machine, Keiser is the forefront of training rotational athletes. Measuring power output, this can directly transfer to hitting and allow hitters to assess their rotational power.
    • Velocity Based Training: By using our Tendo units, which measure bar velocity, we are able to build strength programs that more accurately auto-regulate with daily power fluctuations.

HitTrax and Analysis

With a HitTrax and synced high-speed cameras, we can get data on your launch angle, exit velocity as well as break down, frame by frame, your hitting mechanics.

  • HitTrax

    Using the HitTrax, we can track results based on a combination of exit velocity, launch angle, and distance to modify programming as well as track progression.

  • High Speed Video

    Driveline utilizes our two Edgertronic cameras that shoot up to 17,000 frames a second to iteratively analyze swing mechanics. Analyzing, frame by frame, how an athlete swings, gives both the athlete and trainer a clear visual on how to improve their swing patterns. Combined with exit velocity, launch angle, and overall distance data from HitTrax, you can rapidly improve your swing mechanics.

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