Coaches Certifications

We designed coach certification courses to help navigate the misinformation around training baseball players.

Each Driveline Baseball Coaches Certification course is used in-house to train our employees.


The courses teach our coaches the baseline skills needed to run effective baseball player development programs. Now they are available to you and your organization.

What coaching courses are available at Driveline?

We currently offer four coaches certification courses: The Foundations of Pitch Development, Basics of Pitch Design, Foundations of Hitting, and Youth Baseball Development.


The Basics of Swing Design will launch later this year, followed by the Basics of Baseball Strength.

Driveline Certification is one of the first things we look for on resumes in the hiring process for pitching coaches.


MLB Assistant General Manager

Driveline Baseball Coaches Certifications last a year and staying active requires a small annual fee. You receive the most current course material and retain “certified” status.

foundations of pitching coaches course

Foundations of Pitching

The Foundations of Pitching certification course continues the education of coaches on the fundamentals of pitching development, mechanics, drills and programming.


We want to give coaches a solid understanding of the basics, while creating an ongoing development program complete with our current research for the coaches most committed to player development.

foundations of hitting coaching certification

Foundations of Hitting

The Foundations of Hitting course teaches the basics of sport science, a framework for hitting mechanics, the basics of different hitting technology and assessments, and programming templates.


Dive into the uses for biomechanical equipment such as the K-Vest, bat sensors like Blast and practical applications for programming.

Foundations of Pitching

Basics of Pitch Design

We created the Basics of Pitch Design course to teach the fundamental terms of pitch design. Learn how to group specific pitch types, common issues that can arise, and possible fixes, as well as programming basics.


You will also receive an introduction on how to use public data in regards to designing pitches and the differences in different pitch tracking technologies such as Rapsodo.

youth development course

Youth Baseball Development

The Youth Baseball Development course is designed to teach the framework of our philosophy of training youth pitchers and hitters.


The course reviews hitting and pitching, various drills, and practice concepts. Learn the basics of strength, scalable skills and how to schedule out a season. 

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