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What are Axe Bat Speed Trainers?

A durable weighted training bat set for hitting training and a year-round hitting program.


Researched and Proven

Axe Bat Speed Trainers are the product of months of development. The one-sided hitting surface was reinforced to provide game-like performance which maximized durability.


Driveline’s year-round hitting program combines Soviet overload and underload research with our own in-house testing.


The training program spells out the sets and repetitions for each drill and detailed high-speed videos explain the core drills.


Tiered Programming

The weighted bat training program modulates both volume and intensity. It includes a dedicated on-ramp phase and allows athletes to graduate to more advanced training as they progress.


What good is a plan if you do not have the will to execute it?


Specific drills with specific focuses maximize the training carry-over from the weighted bats. Improved bat speed is great, but you need barrel control and the ability to adjust to off-speed pitches to deliver on-field results.


Our hitting program outlines in detail what to do to get the most out of these bats.



Your Axe Bat Speed Trainers are a living, breathing product.


We constantly test new programs and drills, Axe Bat | Driveline customers will receive lifetime updates with the best of what we have researched.


The training program templates in the Axe Bat Speed program are the same that we use in-house.

Internal 8-Week Study Results

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The Driveline Hitting Program

The bat speed program gradually increases reps and intensity throughout the year, varying drill-work between in-season and off-season programs.

Off-Season Hitting Program

The off-season is the time to develop bat speed and barrel control.


The variable weights and loads of the training bats help an athlete internalize an efficient swing. The added resistance provides a sport-specific stimulus to better generate bat speed and control the bat head.


The off-season hitting program pushes volume after an on-ramp period.

In-Season Hitting Program

Weighted bats can be used to improve adjustability and barrel control.


The variability consistently reinforces an optimal swing pattern and helps athletes stay “grooved” through the season. Athletes starting during the season can on-ramp with low intensities to keep their game-time performance up.


The in-season hitting program promotes adjustability and approach.

Who Uses Axe Bat Speed Trainers?

Dallas Baptist University

“We have been using overload and underload training with our hitters for years to increase bat speed and barrel control.


We have used virtually every overload and underload bat on the market and can say without question that the Axe Bat Speed Trainers are the best we have ever used. 


This is the first time we have been able to use an underload bat that is 20% lighter, has a normal size barrel and can be used without denting or cracking the barrel. The Axe Bat Speed Trainers are helping us take our overload/underload training to a whole new level.”


-Dan Heefner, Head Coach of Dallas Baptist University

Vanderbilt University

“The Axe Bat Speed Trainers are a great training tool to help players create bat speed but also gain a greater understanding of grip identity in order to manipulate the barrel.


These bats not only help train the body to move at faster rates by improving functional strength, but also improve barrel awareness.”


-Tim Corbin, Head Coach of Vanderbilt University

Oregon State University

“Research shows that underload/overload bats can improve bat speed. Driveline has come up with a system along with the actual bats that has proven to be a GREAT resource for our hitters. 


I strongly encourage any hitter who has a desire to get better to utilize the Driveline bats along with the daily routines that go with the system.”



-Pat Bailey, Hitting Coach at Oregon State

Wake Forest University

“Overload/underload principles have been a huge part of our program for years, and the Driveline Axe Bats have made the incorporation of those principles much easier.


-Bill Cilento, Hitting Coach at Wake Forest

University of Iowa

“Gaining bat quickness is not only big for us when training to hit the ball harder, but also to develop a swing that allows more time to react to certain pitches and see the ball longer. 


When using the Axe Bat overload/underload trainers, we are able to train our guys by changing the stimulus several times over the course of a few rounds.


Our guys are understanding how to move the overload bat quicker without muscling it and are suprised with how fast their bodies can move with the underload bat.


Anyone who is serious about developing better movements and wants an edge in the batters box should look into the Axe Bat Speed Trainers.”


-Sean Moore, Hitting Coach at University of Iowa

University of Missouri

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Axe Bat Speed Trainers Powered by Driveline Baseball

Axe Bat Speed Trainer
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