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Driveline Baseball Podcast episode 22: On this weeks episode of the Driveline Baseball Podcast we are pleased to welcome on Trevor and his father Warren Bauer to discuss their experience using Edgertronic cameras to train and how their process has changed over time. They also discuss how Kyle and Trevor first met and how it blossomed into the relationship it is today. From five Casio cameras mounted on walls to a box that shoots 2000 frames per second tune in to the show to see how tech integration and adapting new tech has shaped Trevor’s career. To Wrap up this week’s show Kyle and Mike discuss a tweet thread by our Research Analyst Dan Aucoin on how front offices struggle to get coaches on the same page for developing players. Mike and Kyle take a deeper look at this issue and why communication is a roadblock for many teams.

Episode Resources:

Trevor Bauer: To see more of the work Trevor has done with cameras over the years check out his Youtube page for some interesting videos. Trevor has also Co-founded a company called WatchMomentum that tells players stories and allows athletes to express themselves how they see fit. To see some of these stories click here

Edgertronic Cameras: Wanna learn more about how we use these cameras? Check out some of the blogs we have written to get the most out of this tool here. Or check the Edgertronic development kit we sell on our site.

Letters From Twitter: Wanna learn more about Dan’s thread? hit here to see where it all started

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