Can a Baseball Mouthpiece Increase Fastball Velocity?


Short answer: Yes. But this video is nonsense:

Research has proven that a mouthpiece in general can aid in fast-twitch explosive motions like throwing a baseball or swinging a baseball bat through various physiological responses. (The reduced release of cortisol is one such touted response.) However, it is completely unnecessary to purchase a $60 baseball mouthpiece from Under Armour to get this effect. You can spend $2 at the local sporting goods store and have a clear mouthpiece/mouthguard which will have the exact same effect and will actually protect your jaw as well.

Endorsing the UA mouthpiece is just an example of shilling a product to make money when there is a clear alternative that works just as well and isn’t insanely expensive.

Conclusion: Save your money. Go to the local sporting goods store and buy a $2 mouthpiece. Skip the stupidly expensive Under Armour garbage. (This is good advice in general, by the way.)

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Bill Stanton

That was a strange video.


I think they were just trying to measure his release velocity from a crow-hop, which we also do from time to time. I agree about the business relationship concept. We try to declare all of our relationships (marketing/affiliate, usually) to be upfront with our clients.

Jeff Van Wagenen

You should give the ArmourBite mouthpiece a try, it really does deliver benefits.


Jeff: Thanks for reaching out. We’d be glad to run a controlled study vs. a standard mouthguard. I have emailed you with details.

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